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. [ laughter ] >> not for you. >> bill: they don't pay me enough. question number 4. 90-year-old nancy reagan fairly robust for her age. husband's presidential library. she gave everyone a scare when she almost fell down during an event. she was saved from hitting the ground by what conservative hero? answer is roll the tape. [gasp] >> bill: okay, maccallum, you should have gotten that one. >> bill: aren't you and hammer on the air. >> i didn't like seeing that again it was disturbing. >> bill: question number 56789 hillary clinton was named the number one most admired woman in america. annual survey. 16th time hillary hit number one. what other first lady come in. topping the list 13 times. nancy reagan. laura bush, jackie kennedy, eleanor roosevelt. okay? 13 times. most admired woman. cards up, please and the answer is roll the tape. >> the experience which the most valuable is the experience of doing things for yourself. >> hello. >> bill: eleanor roosevelt for those of you listening. doocy is smirking. >> bill: in a moment. 50 years of james bonds movies. the news quiz will ask you all ab
these two. it reminds me of the lunch when ronald reagan was present, that nancy reagan and the chief of staff for not getting along, and the two of them met for lunch with their food testers. >> do you think he has a job for him down the road? >> he has a job, with a management skill, like to you have a plan to you want to close? [laughter] >> let me go back to susan rice did in terms of our foreign policy, everybody agrees that hillary clinton has done a fine job -- almost everybody, i guess. >> what exactly has she done right? >> in terms of making policy -- >> you don't think she was that good? >> i think she was a nice presents but i don't see her fingerprints -- >> if you ask me what and we kissinger did, i can tell you. what did she do? >> do we have a dissenting point of view? >> she did a huge number of things, she quieted down more near catastrophes that you can imagine -- >> name on. >> may ii finish? she has done an enormous amount for women. most people did not have the rights that i do on this program to hit you upside the head when i think we're wrong, charles. that wou
: i was working in the reagan library. i'd written nancy reagan, i believe it was in 1996; i wrote her a--a letter about my research on the end of the cold war, and i said, 'i'm deeply fascinated by the american side of the story. most of the research in the 1990s that i saw in the scholarly literature focused on the soviet side and on eastern europe and, you know, for good reasons. the revolutions were fascinating to people, and all of a sudden documents were opening up that scholars had never seen before. but i was interested on the american contribution. so i wrote her... c-span: what were you doing at the time? what were--what were you... >> guest: i was a post-doc at ucla and i was a fellow at the hoover institution. and so i wrote her and said, 'i'm interested in the american side of the story. i don't think there's enough reporting on it, and i'd like to look at the president's private papers.' i didn't know what would be there, but i thought there might be something to help me to unravel the american contribution. and so she granted me access to the papers and hundreds of archi
: a very simple deal. you know you can leave town too, you can say no, you can say no. nancy reagan made it famous for another addicted group. just say no. congressman, good to have you. >> thank you, lou. lou: more on fiscal cliff, and fact that nobody plan achieves real deficit reduction, we'll take up that. stay with us. >> someone in dc is focussed on job, fed chairman ben bernanke pledging more easy money to cut the unemployment rate. what does the economy look like in the new year, wells fargo chief economist, john silvio next. lou: chairman ben bernanke made a historic move sitting unemployment rate as a target for monetary policy. we'll be taking that up, talking with wells fargo chief economist john silv sylvia in moments, and announcing they will spend -- a month buying mortgage-backed security. what the market expected and stocks rallied a bit on the announcement, a little. then ben bernanke talked about the fiscal cliff that ended that rally, stocks coming off their highs, index, swung 102 points over second, and s&p finished where it began, nascar -- nazdaq down over 8 point
for anybody. nancy reagan never gave a damn about stem cell research and until her husband got alzheimer's and now she is all for it. >> stephanie: yeah. that's what always bothered me as a gay woman was dick cheney was happy to run this gay-bashing campaign and now he has come out for marriage equality because of his daughter. >> wow. he wouldn't even come out for pacemaker equality until he had heart trouble. >> stephanie: you are funny. you should have a show that you can say anything. >> one thing about current, people can't find it so you can say anything. >> stephanie: people are finding it. >> yes. >> stephanie: your show is great. >> thank you we do the best we can. we had ti the other night. >> we have no idea. >> that's quite a cross section. >> stephanie: we don't get such highbrow guests here in the mornings. what do you feel about this fiscal cliff thing? >> it's boring at this point. it's just jump around. they are going to get it done aren't they? i can't do three months on the fiscal cliff. have a sex scandal already. lindsay graham and mccain in a hotel
elizabeth taylor, the royals frank sinatra. she has written about nancy reagan. she has written about the bush family and a beautiful book out, on our coffee table at home. not the white house. photos of the john f. kennedy family by a great photographer stanley tredick, kitty kelly. great to see you. wanted to get you in. a series of these, a very very special guest. how did you get these stanley was probably the last real photo journalists. he worked for upi. >> that's how he got to know the family so well. he was so close to john kennedy that he was hired by "look magazine" after kennedy was president and his sole assignment was the kennedys because he had such assets. >> whether you see these photographs, first i have to tell you you know i met and interviewed john f. kennedy. he is my hero, has been. he was still then a united states senator. millions like me who were inspired to get into politics. >> according to the last gallup poll jfk remains the most popular person in american history. not the most important. i think historians would say ab
's important. >> i want to look at another photo of nancy reagan with mr. t. >> that's a good one. >> dressed as santa. i love it. and she really loved the idea of bringing celebrity santas to the white house, right? >> mr. t and nancy reagan, what's more '80s? >> and shoulder pads. >> larry hagman was a celebrity santa. and one year the president dressed up and surprised her, and he was the celebrity santa. >> also want to talk about laura bush because this was the year you were there in 2008. >> yes. >> i want to look at that photo and also talk about your experience, very traditional looking white house under the bush white house. >> yes. mrs. bush, very elegant, very beautiful decorations. she copied her mother in law's signature look, the snowy trees in the grand lobby throughout the white house. when we were working on it, they'd say more snow, less snow, more snow. the first lady had a vision, and she really communicated it to us, and we finally got it right. it was perfect. >> very quickly want to talk about bo, the first family's dog. >> he's a real celebrity at the white house. this
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. >> nancy pelosi said i consider it a strengthening of social security. >> that's justify the kind of thing republicans said from reagan's day on. >> cenk: i know. that's what's horrible about the democratic negotiation that not only do they say oh, goddamn it, at the very last second, we've got to do a deal. ok. they adopt republican positions and go on the record and defend republican positions saying cutting social security is strengthening. nobody ever says cutting defense strengthens defense. >> why can they not say i think we're going to have to use the chained c.p.i. we're going to bite the bullet and do it, we think it's terrible, but republicans are insisting on it. at least say that. >> don't say i love the position it strengthens social security. >> if we do that fonzie said we should do. >> hey hey! >> we, you know, we'd still be here criticizing that, too. it is a stronger way of going about it. the point is don't say stop right there don't say it's strengthening something that it's not. >> cenk: speaking of things that drive me crazy, fox news, secretary of state hillary clint
of the aisle, a singular aspect to his legacy which is most embodied in his work with president reagan to strengthen social security, protecting this critically important program for a decade. i think john boehner and nancy pelosi for introducing this legislation that will name a building in the shadow of the great capital after a great speaker, tip o'neill. thank you and i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentlelady yields back. >> reserve the balance of my time. >> i want to yield two minutes to the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. mcgovern. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts. >> thank you. i thank the gentleman for yielding and for his leadership. i know those of us in the massachusetts delegation always welcome the opportunity to pay tribute to tip o'neill, a giant of this house and a legend in massachusetts politics. for decades to the new represented the people of this district with distinction, hard work and with and for ten years he led this house as speaker. tip got into politics for the right reasons, to help people. and the new deal democrat h
had two extraordinarily capable politician opposing points of view. mr. reagan was poorly matched. mr. obama had nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. but hardly the same thing. host: from massachusetts on the line, democrat. caller: good morning. i have a comment and question. i am trying to find out, the situation you're in right now, why is everybody fighting about what we should do? i am gmt and i am broke every day. i'm down here with people that paid taxes and work hard every day. -- i am an emt. people don't understand that would ever happens with the fiscal cliff, people down here will survive. the republicans, this will definitely affect them in the future. i talked to people all over boston every day. nobody wants to vote for republicans anymore, because of the fact that they don't seem to care about people that struggle everyday. it's the people that have money but don't care about people who don't have money. it's been like that for hundreds of years. it's time for change. we have a democrat in the chair. the republicans had their chance when they had pushed. there's a lot
of absurdity gep? from knicks on to the dea and then there was nancy. >> not long ago in oakland, kra krarks i was asked by a group of children what to do if they were offered drugs. i answered, just say no. >> yes, mrs. reagan, children should say no to drugs but should responsible, concepting adults continue to be jailed for minor drug infractions? do we ignore the potential benefits taxed marijuana can add to our economy at a time when the country is still recovering from the great recession or do we enter a new era of enterprise that includes fair and measured drug policy at the table. matt welch, editor and chief of "reason" magazine, eugene jirecki, director of the house i live in. doug, i want to come to you first on this. what do you think is this new green resolution that's possible for us? >> in the county where i followed american canibus farmers. we are looking at at $40 billion industry when the drug war is soon. >> you pointed out what happens when you look at that with prohibition. an enormous amount of money that goes out of the system and another lesson from prohibition. the o
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)

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